Friday, August 26, 2011

7 bags in 7 days

Saw a post on another blog from way back in February about getting rid of 40 bags of clutter in 40 days (for Lent)
40 is a huge number and commitment- but I can DO 7 bags in 7 days.

here's my schedule:
today: kitchen flat spaces. Counters, table, shelves. top of the microwave, floors (lots of boxes of misc stuff come in from the cars and sits in the kitchen)- minimum 2 bags of stuff for garbage/ goodwill.

Tomorrow: bathroom and hallways and stairs.  Stuff off landings, out of the storage shelves, and the medicine cabinet.

Sunday: front room. flat spots, floors.

Monday: dining room

Tuesday back bedroom closet
Wednesday back bedroom closet
Thursday: my office.

While I'm doing the rest of the house, Neill will be working on his room- 1 small area a day to clear of clutter.

Time to stop blogging, and get to work!

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