Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baby Signs Story

Sign, Say and Play class is going well, and today we got A. and her mother back- It was great to see them again. Mom told a great story-

A usually sees her Daddy at breakfast, he stops in at lunch, and she sees him again at dinner, but this last week he's had a big project that hasn't allowed him to come in for meals. He came inside for tools, and stopped to quickly kiss A, on his way back out the door- and she began to sign "more" while saying the word "Da-Da"- Daddy took a break for an hour, to spend time with his little girl. How wonderful that she could let her parents know that she missed her Daddy and wanted him to spend more time with her!

I'll be running sample classes in October to promote the new site opening in November. I'm beginning to offer classes at Bay View Community Center, and Well Rounded Maternity Center may be moving into Milwaukee!

On the doula side of life, things have been very slow. I have only one client at the moment, due in December, but likely to go as early as mid November.

that's all for now.

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