Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Going back to 4th grade.....

Well Playgroup today went well, even though only two moms showed up.
I wish I had been able to devote more time to it, but unfortunately, today I had to go back to fourth grade. :(

My 9yo decided yesterday that he was not going to do ANY work in school, so I spent the first hour of the morning in class with him, left to go to playgroup, and meet with another client, and then returned to class for the remainder of the afternoon.

It actually went well. My kid sat in his desk, did his work, and came home with only the homework that everyone else had. We now have a deal, that if he behaves in class, and gets ALL of his classwork done, I will come in on Fridays. I wish I could say the same for the rest of his class. How is a teacher supposed to teach when every 60-90 seconds she is having to put children back in their desks, deal with fights in the classroom, deal with hurt feelings, answer questions (on material she covered three seconds before for the fifth time) and general noise in the room?

When I was my son's age, we sat in our desks. We (mostly) did our work, and we raised our hands to be called on. Can anyone explain to me why children today can't do the same things?

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