Sunday, May 31, 2009

Too much Excitement for a Sunday....

Boo was "missing" for about an hour this morning. He called me from church, to say there was no Sunday School, and where was Daddy?

I told him to walk home (it's not that far) and his dad will meet him and pick him up on the way. I took the dog, and started down the street to meet him and take him for ice cream, if Daddy didn't find him on his way home.

In the Meantime, his scout leader, from whom he borrowed a cell phone(his was left at home), offered him a ride home, which he took. He didn't bother to call me and let me know.

Daddy (who ALSO didn't have his cell phone with him) found me waiting at the halfway point, on the verge of calling the police. We ran home to check and see if we'd missed him, and yes, he was waiting on the doorstep. (He didn't have his house key either.)

All the worry could have been alleviated, if EITHER of them had had their cell phones with them!

Moral: if you have a cell phone, TAKE IT WITH YOU! It does no good sitting on the nightstand!

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