Monday, September 8, 2008

Picture Perfect.

Wanted: one Picture perfect Bradley birth.

I got my wish last night. Dad's home on leave from Afghanistan. He has 18 days before he has to return. On Sunday morning, mom's bag broke, spontaneously. After 21 hours of HARD labor (baby was posterior, and asynclitic) he's here. And Daddy still has 13 days of leave left, to get to know his son.

Grandma and great grandma were there- and were fantastic at anticipating mom's needs, from a sip of water, to freshening her makeup.

Mom and Dad were AMAZING. He was her rock, and she had a peaceful, mostly non interventitive birth. A little Pit, towards the end, because she was completely exhausted, but no pain medication at all, and none of the "thrashing about, screaming, sobbing" that you see on TV.

If mom had been less determined, or dad had wavered in supporting her, this would have been a c-section. It wasn't.

You know who you are.... I'm PROUD of you!

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